What a blessing to have you joining the Members Site!

The Members Site offer items for those who use Outlook Express, IncrediMail, Windows Mail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail and more!

My Members tutorials are written and stored in Word Documents and IMF (IncrediMail Format) So they are available for any e-mail user!


Your Membership Includes:

-Access to all the Members Site Tutorials In Word (for outlook users and others) and IMF (IncrediMail)
-Access to all my supplies

Personalized Items
- Monthly Personalized Desktops
- Personalized Name Tags (several new tags each week)
- Personalized IncrediMail Letters (at least 1 or more letters each week)
- Random Personalized Goodies each week

For Paint Shop Pro Users:
- Textures
- Masks
- Templates
- Selections
- Patterns


1 Year ACFC Membership - $40.00

6 Month ACFC Membership - $25.00