Once you have paid and joined ACFC Members Site, there will be NO refund!

My tutorials are Not to be shared with anyone else but the person whom membership belongs to. Anyone caught sharing my members only tutorials will be removed from membership without refund.

I will also not allow my tutorials to be translated or uploaded to any other web site or group site. Members Tutorials are exclusively for the person who has paid their membership fees.

If any of these rules are broken I will be forced to remove you from the Members site without refund.

Do not share your login information with anyone. It belongs only to you and cannot be shared with anyone else. Anyone caught doing so will have their membership terminated without notice or refund.

Anyone caught sharing personal information with any person that is not a paid member--may be removed without prior notice or refund.

If you have a problem with the site owner you must bring your issue to the owner only. Anyone caught gossiping or spreading rumors will be removed without prior notice or refund.

I do my very best to give credit where credit is due. If you see any items that violate another creators terms of use or where proper credit is not given; please bring that to the owners attention so the item can be corrected or removed. If we all work together to keep the site copyright compliant--we all win!

Remember when using one of my Members Tutorials you must always link the tutorial back to me at http://www.acfcmemberssite.com/

I reserve the right to remove any member for any reason that I deem necessary with no returns and no refunds.

Thank you for joining! I pray that you will enjoy your membership!


ACFC Owner